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Fences are an important aspect of your property’s external appearance. That’s why it is important to hire a reliable fence company like Fence-Concepts to ensure the installation is carried out smoothly and efficiently. We are skilled, professional, and experienced fence installers and have placed fences in several commercial and residential properties. We’re a customer-oriented company so your satisfaction is our biggest priority.

Fences are a great way to add some security, privacy, and beauty to any property. They come in different designs, materials, and sizes so they’re very versatile structures. You can use tall and strong fences to improve the security of your family. You can install a charming picket fence add a cottage-like feel to your home. A great fence company like Fence-Concepts can help you with the fence installation and maintenance process.

Why Pick us!

If you’re looking for a reliable fence company, we’re the right choice. Our experienced and friendly team will make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s a look at why you should choose us for the job:

Meticulous Work

Meticulous Work

Fence installation isn’t as easy as it looks, which is why you need professionals with experience to handle it. Our team makes sure every inch of the fence is securely anchored to the ground so it doesn’t budge. We also use the best materials, tools, and techniques for the installation process.

Straightforward Quotes

Straightforward Quotes

With us, you will get straightforward and honest quotes for the project. There will be no hidden costs and all expenses will be explained clearly. This helps clients make the best decisions for their project.

Honest Advice

Honest Advice

Clients are often baffled by the different material choices and fence designs available in the market. They don’t know which option will suit their property well. Our experienced fence installers can help in the decision-making. They will explain the pros and cons of every type of a fence so you can make an informed decision.

Fence Concepts

A Leading Oklahoma Fence Company


We offer a wide range of services so you can find assistance with all your fencing requirements with us. Our team will be with you from start to finish to ensure everything is done smoothly. Our services are comprehensive and include:


  • Consultation – It is important to understand the client’s needs and requirements before proceeding with the fence installation project. We discuss everything from budget to fencing requirements thoroughly during the consultation and even offer recommendations.


  • Sourcing Materials – Good quality fencing materials ensure the structure remains standing for a long time. That’s why we source all fence raw materials from reliable vendors and only products that have withstood the test of time during installation.


  • Commercial Installation –Commercial properties have different requirements compared to residential properties. We take all of these specific requirements into consideration and create the best fence for your property.


  • Residential Fences – Residential fences don’t just need to keep a home secure and maintain privacy, but also add to its overall aesthetic. Many people use install fences for decorative purposes or just to mark out the borders, which means the looks of the fences are important. We will make sure your fences don’t just stay in place, but also look great.

These are just some of the many services we provide to our customers. As an established fencing company, we provide all services related to fence installation, repair, and maintenance.

Fencing OKC

Repair & Maintenance

At Fence-Concepts, we can also replace your older, damaged installation with a new one. Since fences are exposed to outdoor elements constantly, That can take a toll on their structure and appearance, which is why regular maintenance is essential.

Many people choose to DIY their repairs and maintenance, but you can call a professional Oklahoma fencing company for the process as well. We understand fences and will make sure they’re always in good condition for you. Here’s a look at what’s included in repair and maintenance of a fence:


The first step is to inspect the fence thoroughly to understand its condition. Take note of all damaged areas, broken posts, rusted bars, damaged hardware, etc. That will give you a complete idea of what to expect during repairs and maintenance.


Cleaning fences is an important aspect of maintenance. It will also give you a better idea of what’s hiding underneath layers of dust. Different fencing materials require different cleaning methods.


If you want a fence to last for a long time, it is important to carry out repairs promptly. This reduces the damage and ensures the structure remains strong for several years to come. Annual inspection and repairs is a great way to preserve the installation.


It is easy to upgrade the look of any fence with some sanding, priming, and painting. That will improve the property’s exterior appearance and extend the fence’s lifespan as well.


Mike and his team came out and did a great job on our new chain link fence. Fence Concepts communication and attention to detail was great from start to end. I highly recommend them.


We have worked with Fence-Concepts for many years. They always provide quality service and they continue to stay involved from start to finish. They are definitely a vendor of choice here in Oklahoma. I will confidently recommend Fence-Concepts for any of your HOA needs.

Mary M.

We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the service & with the responsiveness that you and the Fence-Concepts crew have provided.  Thank you very much!

Peter J.


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